Saturday, June 10, 2006

10 minutos despues y no se me ocurrio ningun titulo.....

Make it loud. Make it break decibel records. Make it a sonic boom. Make it a big deal. Make it real. Make it a song. Make it a movement. Make it so huge that it swallows up the whole scene. Make it blow the doors off. Make it make your idols scratch their heads. Make it a reason to get up in the morning. Make it rattle off the walls and make an echoe you will remember for your hole life.

[ i miss you already guys.. you are my family... I hate vacations ]

"Consuelame otra vez
Porque no pienso volver
El suelo tiene sed
La vida es imprecisa
Déjate caer "
>>Dejate Caer, Cafe Tacvba.


Raven Darkmoon said...

Make it a atomic bomb.
Make it a reason to break the glasses, the teacups, the windows.
Make it a reson to shout!

sgenius said...

I'll shout:


'cause japanese mouses can shout too.

52X Max said...

sonido boom, jajaja

[queen] said...

Y solo a algo tan genial como la cocacola se le podria ocurrir...