Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Noventa y Cuatro

My first kiss was not meant to be.

The very first time I kissed a guy was with my lips closed, and he was a friend in school.
We were studying at one of the fields in the campus and it was getting dark.
Now, you have to know that when there is pressure and less sleep than normal, the mind usually wanders a lot. A LOT

So we are there sitting on the grass reading but saying stupid and random things. One complaining about his ex girlfriend, one about how he was alone. I was just listening. And I don't remember really how it happened, my best friend was already leaving the spot when i got behind  ( probably because my feet were numb ) and this other guy who used to study with us helped me. He asked if I had an ex. I said no. 

So he yells to my friend: Duuude!! she has never had a boyfriend.
Then A yells : I KNOOOW

He keeps asking questions. Have you been on dates, have you been in love. Then he asks if Ive ever kissed someone, which was a no.

Duuuuuude!! She has never kissed anybody!! 

Then he says, can I have a kiss? And I say yes.
So we kissed. It lasted nothing. It was just a soft touch on the lips.
Then of course he screams.


And thats when my friend lost it. He was so mad. He made me feel like a whore.
Now that I think of it, I was just being flirty,  which I was but nobody knew. Im one of the most flirtatious person you will meet. And I knew that back before, but I never felt too confident to show it. Not even when I got the chance. Not until I graduated. 

So for me it was nothing, just a game. It felt silly and stupid, and it wasnt even a big romantic kiss. But I got lectured about it. My friend was mad. I dont know why now that I think of it. Maybe he was being protective. 

And that is how you get to have a first kiss without actually having it  

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