Saturday, July 27, 2013

Noventa y Dos

  • Nothing ever grows and the sun doesn´t shine all day
  • What am I to do with all this silence?
  • Why can´t we sleep forever?
  • Surrendering to the gravity and to the unknown
  • Reaching out to embrace whatever may come
  • Everything is broken up and dances
  • The world forgetting, by the world forgot
  • Sinking deeper
  • The Days are bright and filled with pain, enclose me in your gentle rain
  • I am not your blowing wind, lightening, autumn moon, the night 
  • Poisoned Apple
  • Queen of the Fucking Universe
  • Unhappy Girl
  • The scream of the butterfly
  • This glorious sadness

Cosas que una adolescente de 18 años escribíó en su pared. 

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