Thursday, July 23, 2015


No es algo nuevo que me guste leer.
Bueno, me gusta mucho mucho mucho leer acerca de música.

Y este particular párrafo me gustó mucho

What was it about returning to Headley Grange that excited you?I knew how we did the drums in the main hall for [the fourth album's] "When the Levee Breaks." And some numbers would come out of thin air, like for example the way "Rock & Roll" did on the fourth album and then on Physical Graffiti, "Trampled Under Foot," which came out of thin air like that, just starting out of a riff. I was basically musically salivating on the way there. I was just looking forward to the whole process of everybody being there and just having a whole run at basically working out whatever material I had had or anyone else might've had

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The fun they had making the album. 
The feelings they brought to us. 

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