Monday, August 22, 2011

Deserve The Future

I know how to be lost in lust, not because you should but because you must ♫♫♫

[[ Though it has never helped me, I don't know how not to be like that, though it has driven people away from me, It is a part that I've never been able to deny.. though it may cloud my judgement, I trust my instinct to prove me wrong and always trying not to hurt anybody.. but me if its necessary. ]]

It hasn't taken me anywhere yet..

I know how to burn with passion
Hold nothing back for future ration
Give all you are, do not make haste
Savor every single taste you get... got

I know how to be controlled
Do opposite of what you're told
Be quick, react, to break the box
And turn on cue as your cell door locks behind you

I know how to be lost in lust
Not because you should, but because you must
It burns white hot, and so clouds the mind
It's lightening strike isn't always kind

So use me up

No one Loves Me. Neither Do I // Them Crooked Vultures // Them Crooked Vultures // 2009


Donald said...

Es increíble cómo se puede entender una gran cantidad de cosas leyendo los blog de la gente, sus gustos personales. Tu eres indudablemente una lesbiana en el closet. Mira chica, no hay nada malo si haces coming out. Puedes declarar tu sexualidad aquì en este blog...

[ashen lady] said...

Jajajajaja. Disfruto el sexo, y aunque las mujeres son suuuper hermosas, no son lo mío. Creo que en estos ultimos años ya una puede decir en voz alta que las mujeres son sexys, pero eso no me hace lesbiana o si?