Friday, February 08, 2013


Fashion Week is here!

I know what you are thinking. Fashion is vain and not important.
But it means so much things to a lot of people. 
For me, it means Courage. Diversity. Originality. Expression. Art

When I was a kid/teenager struggling with bullying and loneliness, one of the things I was most afraid of was dressing "wrong". I had been made fun of because of my weight, my glasses, my grades and my clothes, but it was that the thing I could take care of.  Every time I tried to make some change to my appearance, the bullies would appear. It was hurtful and sad. So I looked the same way for probably 15 years: the same hair style, the same kind of clothes. Dark times were those.

I grew up a little and got a little confident, mostly in not-talking-to-anybody as a way to prevent the mockery. Met new people and got happier. Books and music made me stronger. And my feelings were expressed by my clothes. 

Even now, its hard to wear something that I think people will make fun of. Just remember the last time you saw someone with something ridiculous. That person was courageous. Probably knew that people would watch but didn't care. 

I hate being watched. I would love to be invisible sometimes. But that feeling must be killed. 
And my love for fashion may be the perfect one for the job. 

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L said...

heeey aun tienes tu Telemascota!!!

es lindo saber que tambien sigues escribiendo!

un abrazo