Thursday, December 18, 2014

I wrote this about a week ago, as a response to a video that questions our relationship with makeup. I loved the result. I know I have talked about my relationship with makeup before but I would like to keep this a war chant, sort of speak.

To me, makeup is a way to express myself. Its a way to be different everyday, if I want to. To let the world know that im different. That im a force to reckon with. Some days it will be the eyes, some days, the lips. Some days I wont wear a thing and it will be fine too. But its fun to have this blank canvas and paint it different everyday, and be able to make mistakes and improve and find a mix and match and gain confidence. It shouldnt be this way, but we know how the world is, and I dont want them to be only looking at my weight or my relationship status or my career. I would like them first of all, to see me and really look at me. 

But the most important of all is that I dont wear makeup for the rest of the world. I wear it for myself. And that is the only reason I need 

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